MapPlugin Feature List

MapPlugin Google Maps widget offers an very comprehensive feature list that should meet your every needs.

MAPPING Essentials

Compatible with ANY Website

WordPress, SquareSpace, WIX, Shopify, Drupal, Prestashop, Laravel, Symfony, etc. Embed MapPlugin Google Map widget on ANY website.

Control Formatting With Zero Code

Change the interactive Google Map formatting options without using any code. MapPlugin is highly customizable for your needs.

Infoboxes Inside Google Maps

MapPlugin Google Maps widget comes with lots of beautiful and responsive info-window templates. Choose a pre-made format that fits your website.

Custom Markers For Each Location

Make different locations with different custom markers. Choose from our library of pre-made markers or upload your own.

Different Editors For Each Map

Invite different editors for each map. Great for agencies that want to use this for different client and projects.

Easily Show Many Locations

Show 1 or as many as a 1000 location markers on your Google map. Easily bulk import locations with XLS or CSV files.

Opening Hours

Input opening hours, holidays and holiday hours for each location.

Avoid WordPress Plugin Problems

Avoid installing more plugins on your in WordPress. MapPlugin Google Map widget does not slow down the server or create security vulnerabilities.


Display Location in a List or Grid

Show more information on the points of interest through an list or grid outside of the Google Maps. Results are synced to the points inside the map.

Easy Search, Sort and Filter

Site visitors can easily filter map locations by category filters, text search or nearby locations. Users can sort results by field. No coding required.

Customizable List and Grid View

Choose the look and feel of the grid and list so it fits the theme of your website. Again, with pre-made layouts, zero coding is required!

Google AutoComplete or Text Search

Users can search by custom categories you defined for your points of interest. Or user can do a text search on location names and descriptions.

Search by Map Area & Distance

Show only locations inside the visible area on the map or within a certain distance from a certain point.

Search by User Location

Show only locations that is within a certain distance from the user's location.

CSV Import

Import hundreds of locations into the MapPlugin Google Map widget. No need to manually copy and paste data.

Google Spreadsheet Sync

Bulk import hundreds of locations into the MapPlugin Google Map widget from Google Spreadsheet. We will geocode addresses into proper long/lat positions.

Airtable Sync

Bulk import hundreds of locations into the MapPlugin Google Map widget from Airtable! We will geocode addresses into proper longitudeand latitude positions.

functions coming soon...

MapBox Integration

(Coming soon) Create Map Box map makers.

Google Analytics Integration

Track page loads, and any conversion events (tap to call, tap to email, etc.) in Google Analytics.

Schema JSON-LD Code (SEO)

Have the option to turn on schema codes automatically from the location information provided.


Input location items in different language. Show map in different languages automatically based on URL path or parameter.

SEO Friendly

Built with SEO in-mind. Plugin is SEO friendly and fully crawlable by search engines.

History API For Listing Pages (SEO)

Pagination functions uses History API as recommended by Google SEO guidelines. Each page can be reached directly through a unique URL.