How to Turn Google Spreadsheet into a Multi-Location Google Map

Loading in the Google Spreadsheet Address Data

  1. Open Map
  2. In the Locations tab, change Location Source to “Google Spreadsheet”
  3. Click the dropdown to see the Instructions on Preparing the spreadsheet. Click to download excel file Map Location
  4. Import the excel file into a Google Sheets

    Drag the file

    Choose these options below
  5. On the Google Sheets, fill out the columns with the information needed.
  6. Please turn on Sharing for anyone with a link – the Google Spreadsheet must be accessible by URL.
  7. After done preparing the Google Sheet, copy out the URL by clicking “Copy link”
  8. Paste that link into “Google Spreadsheet URL” box in the Locations tab. Click Sync.
  9. Here you can choose the correct columns to sync then after choosing a column, click Start Sync
  10. Map plugin will take some time to load the correct location for each marker based on its address.
  11. Locations will gradually appear as the sync occurs.

How to Sync New Changes into the Map

If you need to change information on the specific Location , you can directly go to the Google sheet to make some edit

For example:

  1. Edit data on the Google sheet
  2. Go to the map again and go to Locations tab
  3. Click Sync