How to Create a New Location manually

Create New Location Manually on a Map


1. Open your map. Click Locations tab, Select Local (Manually) (You can also do the same on the “Locations” page on your dashboard)

2. Click “Add New”

3. Choose whether the location is only for a specific map or usable to all maps.

  • If it is only for 1 map, in “Map Specific Permission” make sure the dropdown is chosen for that map.
  • If it is for more than 1 map, in the drop down choose “Global”

4.Fill up the name of the location in “Title”

5. You can choose address of the location by typing the address in “Search by Address”. As you type, you can choose the correct match.

6. After selecting the address it will automatically fill out the Street address, City, State, Country and Postal code, as well as the precise location of the marker on the map.

  • If you want, you can override the text filled

7. You can also set custom locations on the map without having to search for an address. This is useful for situation where you are marking landmarks with no addresses.

  • Method 1, Point and click: Click the Purple button “Get Position by Clicking on Map”, then just click onto anywhere on the map you want that marker to be. You can keep on doing this until you get the locaiton you want.
  • Method 2, Longitude & latitude: You can set the custom longitude latitude values by typing into the longitude latitude textbox.

8. (Optional) Fill up other information such as phone, email, contact, hours, image, etc.

9. Select appropriate category

10. Click Save update location 

11. If you clicked “Add Location” inside a map in step 1 you will return to the original map you were in.